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Dynamic Content Links
Dynamic Content Links

This article describes Linkbot's AI content generation system for generating relevant links into your existing long form content.

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Welcome to the Dynamic Content Links feature for Linkbot! This powerful tool allows you to dynamically insert AI-generated content snippets into your existing pages, enhancing internal linking and driving users to your specified funnel conversion pages. This overview will guide you through understanding, enabling, and utilizing this feature effectively.

Example of Dynamic Content Links in action:

Feature Overview

Dynamic Content Links automatically generates relevant content snippets that seamlessly integrate with your existing webpage content. These snippets include natural links to a funnel conversion page you specify, driving traffic and improving user engagement.

How It Works

  1. Enable the Feature:

    • Navigate to the Property Settings page in your Linkbot dashboard.

    • Locate the “Dynamic Content Links” section.

    • Toggle the feature on to enable automatic dynamic content linking.

    • Enter your Funnel Target URL, which is the destination page for the generated snippets.

  2. Updating and Managing Snippets:

    • Snippets are automatically updated if the funnel target URL is changed.

    • The system re-processes the content to ensure all snippets point to the updated URL.

    • This feature is exclusive to Professional Accounts and above due to the costs associated with AI content generation.

Using Dynamic Content Links

  1. Monitoring Snippets:

    • Generated snippets will appear in the Linking Report.

    • An indicator will highlight snippets created by Dynamic Content Links, with a tooltip linking to the setting in Property Settings.

  2. Example Use Case:

    • You have a blog post about internal linking strategies.

    • The Dynamic Content Links feature generates a snippet that naturally integrates into your content, linking to a detailed guide on your funnel page.


  • Q: How do I enable Dynamic Content Links?

    • A: Go to Property Settings, toggle the feature on, and enter your Funnel Target URL.

  • Q: What if I need to change my Funnel Target URL?

    • A: Simply update the URL in Property Settings. The system will re-process and update all relevant snippets.

  • Q: How are snippets placed within my content?

    • A: Snippets are placed at logical breaks within the content, typically at the end of paragraphs.

  • Q: Can I turn the feature on and off?

    • A: Yes, but snippets will only appear when the feature is enabled. We recommend not toggling frequently to ensure consistency.


Dynamic Content Links is a valuable feature designed to enhance your content strategy by seamlessly integrating relevant links to your funnel pages. Enable this feature today and watch your engagement and conversion rates improve! For further assistance, refer to our detailed guides or contact our support team.

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