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Installing Linkbot
Installing Linkbot Using Google Tag Manager
Installing Linkbot Using Google Tag Manager

Guide on how to install Linkbot using Google Tag Manager

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Step 1: Accessing Your Linkbot Account for the Script

  1. Log into your Linkbot account at Linkbot Account Home.

  2. Navigate to the property panel for your website and click on "Property Settings".

  3. In the Property Settings, locate and copy the Linkbot HTML snippet.

Step 2: Logging into Google Tag Manager

  1. Open a new tab in your browser and go to the Google Tag Manager website.

  2. Log in with your Google account that has access to your website’s GTM container.

Step 3: Creating a Custom HTML Tag in GTM

  1. In the GTM dashboard, select your website’s container.

  2. Go to Tags > New to create a new tag.

  3. Name your tag, such as "Linkbot Custom HTML".

  4. Select Tag Configuration and choose Custom HTML.

  5. In the HTML field, paste the Linkbot HTML snippet you copied earlier.

Step 4: Setting the Trigger for the Tag

  1. Under Triggering, click on All Pages to ensure the tag fires on every page of your site.

  2. Click Save to confirm the tag configuration.

Step 5: Publishing the Tag

  1. Click Submit in the top right corner of the GTM dashboard to publish the changes.

  2. Choose a Version Name and Description (e.g., “Added Linkbot Tag”), then click Publish.

Step 6: Verifying the Installation

  1. Check in your Linkbot account to see if the site is properly connected.

Final Notes

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